Forgiveness Coaching Program

The Forgiveness Coaching Program is a rigorous advanced program which offers a profound, embodied understanding of forgiveness and how to guide others in forgiveness work. The training is designed for those who wish to teach forgiveness, become forgiveness coaches and/or integrate forgiveness into other work they are doing.  Participants have included lawyers, mediators, therapists, ombudsmen, peacemakers, activists, nurses and educators.

The program is based on a research-based step-by-step forgiveness process.  Students will gain a deeper, embodied understanding of forgiveness and nuances likely to be encountered, as well as practical tools, and opportunities for practice.

This program provides an in-depth exploration of forgiveness and the nuances of guiding others through the process as well as demonstration and opportunities for practice. There will be recommended reading and homework in between sessions.

Students are expected to continue their own forgiveness work and healing on an ongoing basis, and will be provided with opportunities to do so, as this creates the foundation for working with others.

Class sizes are small and final scheduling of dates/times will take into account the scheduling preferences of those who enroll early!

I highly recommend Eileen’s coaching program. I enrolled to develop tools for helping my clients, but I also learned more about the nature of my work, and a profound change has occurred in me personally. I feel forgiveness can inform our whole lives in a positive way and offer a happiness and strength, I did not know was even possible. Barbara Monty, Mediator and Lawyer

Topics include:

  • Forgiveness as a path of growth and development
  • What it means to serve as a forgiveness teacher or coach
  • The forgiveness process from start to end
  • Creating a safe container for healing
  • Pacing and structure of sessions
  • Working with intense feelings
  • Addressing resistance
  • Managing your own energy

And much more

Online Program

This nine-month program consists of online video call, which generally take place weekly.  All calls will be recorded and made available to you.

DATES:  This group is forming, so dates have not yet been determined. Class sizes are small and scheduling of dates/times will take into account the scheduling preferences of those who enroll early!

COST:  $2,700 or $300per month for 10 months. Includes teaching fees and two private coaching sessions with Eileen during the program.

PREREQUISITE:  Completion of Path of Forgiveness Retreat or Private Coaching Series + Phone Call with Eileen.

Email us if you are interested in this program.