Barbara Monty
Monty White LLP
San Rafael, CA

Barbara is a “forgiveness infused” litigator and mediator, who teaches and writes about forgiveness, and encourages other lawyers to incorporate forgiveness into their practices.

I highly recommend Eileen’s coaching program. I enrolled to develop tools for helping my clients, but I also learned more about the nature of my work, and a profound change has occurred in me personally. I feel forgiveness can inform our whole lives in a positive way and offer a happiness and strength, I did not know was even possible. Barbara Monty, Mediator and Lawyer

Bee Uytiepo

San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Bee is the owner of Beelight and principal facilitator for Healing is Giving. She offers individual sessions and organizes community events, circles and retreats. The Forgiveness Coaching Program has been a core aspect in her development of The Let Go Sessions where she encompasses meditation, coaching and bodywork. Bee is passionate about restorative justice with an emphasis on healing for alignment from racism and oppression for BIPOC, LGBTQIA, healers and artists.

The Forgiveness Coaching program is incredibly thorough and inspiring mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If you’re ready to be the change and gain the transformative skills to empower others to do the same, this life-changing training is for you.
Bee Uytiepo

Brenda Reiss
Bellevue, WA
Brenda is a forgiveness coach and speaker who helps clients focus on the journey of transformation and  self-forgiveness as a path to freedom, peace and power. 

Diane Sherwood
Peace and Forgiveness Center

Wichita, KS
After twenty-five years “bringing peace to the table” as a custody mediator, including the most highly conflicted divorced families in my community, I have found a process that brings peace to the participant. This is the piece that I’ve been seeking my entire career. Forgiveness is a healing more amazing than any modern technique there is. It can be accomplished without medicine or machines, surgery or mechanisms. Forgiveness training gives you a lifetime skill which changes the way you approach any uncomfortable experience for the remainder of your life.

Eileen’s training has changed my life. I’ve gone from a mediator, to a litigator, back to a mediator and have enhanced my practice by becoming a Forgiveness Practitioner. My approach to conflict has been flipped upside down and outside in. Forgiveness heals You. Diane Sherwood, JD, MSW

Eileen Donnelly
Landenberg, PA
Eileen is a university leader and educator who completed the Forgiveness Coaching Program in November 2021. She has a great desire to serve and share what she has learned about the transformative benefits of forgiveness. Eileen offers presentations, book studies, workshops, and coaching on forgiveness and continually seeks ways to collaborate with others on this topic. She is drawn to this topic because of her life experiences and her passionate belief in the value, importance, and benefits of forgiveness.

Eileen Barker’s Forgiveness Coaching Program is life changing. Participants learn the steps of how to forgive and then they learn how to practice these steps, in a coaching role, in an effective, experiential way. Eileen is very generous with her time and her resources. I highly recommend this program for anyone interested in this topic. Eileen Donnelly

Eileen Donnelly’s email is and she welcomes your reaching out to her with any requests or recommendations about how to share forgiveness concepts.

Gina Betech
Mexico City, Mexico
Regina Betech has been sought out as a listening ear for as long as she can remember. She is sensitive and intuitive which allows her to connect easily with others and sense their feelings. She works with individuals as an energy healer using her training and personal experience using Body Code and Emotion Code, as well as Bio-decoding, Original HeartMath, Mindfulness and Forgiveness, as she guides others on their own growth journeys.  Spanish is her primary language.

The growth process cannot be complete without exploring and attending to forgiveness, which is why this program by Eileen was mandatory for me. In addition to comprehensively covering the theory of forgiveness, the individual exploration that is done with her guidance, plus her wise observations, carry through the structure of the program to teach us to finally let go of all that does not allow us to live in peace, with an open heart. Gina Betech

Helen Tanner
Cornwall, England
Helen is a Forgiveness Coach, Peacebuilder, Speaker, Trainer, and qualified Psychotherapist passionately dedicated to creating a more peaceful world. She serves Women and Men of Heart to transform pain and suffering into Freedom, Peace and Love through the ancient practice of Forgiveness. Helen has an extensive portfolio of working in the UK – including seven years as Charity Director – and internationally in countries including Botswana, Tunisia and war-affected Libya, Myanmar, South Sudan, Kosovo, and Belfast. She Is a Rotary Peace Fellow and Global peace Index Ambassador, and holds a Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution and a first degree in Law.

To go through Eileen’s programme was an honour, and a deep journey inwards. She is passionate about her subject, and guided our small group beautifully step by step through the challenges we experienced, in confronting ourselves in our forgiveness process. I felt held, encouraged and seen by Eileen, and absolutely loved her meditations. Helen Tanner

Kelley Denison
Walnut Creek, CA
Kelley is a Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Pilates Studio Owner who specializes in healing heartbreak and reclaiming personal power while building the mind/body connection.

Lisa Fraas
Frass Mediation

Lake Tahoe, CA
Lisa is an attorney/mediator who helps clients in California and Nevada with all aspects of family law and estate planning, as well as a forgiveness coach.

Marquita Campbell
Chrysalis Conflict Transformation
Palmdale, CA
Marquita holds a Master of Dispute Resolution from the Pepperdine Caruso School of Law, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution and is the founder and Executive Director of Chrysalis Conflict Transformation.  Her work encompasses  forgiveness coaching, writing, speaking and forgiveness mediation.  

Coming into the program I was already an ambassador of forgiveness if you will. I now feel that forgiveness has now become a lifestyle as it is deeply woven into the tapestry of my being. Learning from Eileen Barker is a gift and the Forgiveness Coaching program is top-notched. Eileen has incorporated her vast experience and wisdom with the various forgiveness thought leaders to create a phenomenal systematic program.  I have learned the depth of the importance of “holding space” for healing and transformation to take place. I am more professionally confident and more deeply committed to join the ranks and share all that has been poured into me.  Marquita Campbell, Mediator, Facilitator, Conflict and Forgiveness Coach.

Mary Madison Campbell
Peaceful Legal

Apple Valley, CA
Peaceful Legal is a mediation and law office that supports families with divorce, custody, trusts, wills and other needs.  

Eileen’s training has been nothing short of transformational. It has shifted and deepened my work with family, clients, and most importantly, myself. If you are ready to take a good look inside, I highly recommend.  Mary Madison Campbell, Mediator and Litigator 

Mirjam Maris
Maris Mediation
Maris Coaching

Mirjam is a family lawyer and mediator who is transforming her career into being a forgiveness teacher and coach.

Forgiveness has literally changed my life! The first time I met Eileen, something in me knew this was going to be the next step in my personal life and career. So much has shifted since then. My perspective on life itself has gone from negative to positive. There is nothing holding me back any longer. Eileen’s coaching program was very rich and very valuable. I have learned a great deal not only about forgiveness and  coaching, but also about connection to my core self and emotions. It has been a wonderful journey and, thank goodness, this is just the start of something new. I  thank Eileen from the bottom of my heart for her coaching and her wonderful and extraordinary work. Mirjam Maris, Mediator and Lawyer

Monisha Singh 
New Delhi, India
Monisha is a Forgiveness & Emotional Wellness Coach, specializing in the work of Forgiveness , Personal Development and Emotional Wellness Coaching; in addition, she is a qualified Therapist in Transactional Analysis, Emotional Literacy and Sufi Healing and Mindfulness techniques. She integrates these to create a holistic Co-Active Coaching/Counseling model with the client, aimed at supporting them in their process of inner change through the path of Self-Rediscovery , Forgiveness and Healing.

I feel bereft of words to describe the transformative power of my training with Eileen. The Forgiveness Coaching Program has radically altered the quality of my coaching and therapy work , not to mention deepening the sense of my own inner freedom. Eileen’s powerful energy provided a safe , loving container that held me throughout , enabling me to access parts of my inner recesses that had remain untouched. A must for all those souls seeking inner freedom.  Monisha Singh

Niki Schmid
Topanga Canyon, CA

Before establishing her Forgiveness Mentor practice, Niki was the Southern California  producer for the Human Awareness Institute, ( from 2013 to 2021.  Her fascination with emotional intelligence and her commitment to authenticity prompts her to practice and share communication skills alongside forgiveness work. Niki’s passion is to support the well-being of people, helping them to find peace and freedom within themselves, and with others.

Forgiveness has always been a big part of my life. Now, with deepened knowledge, achieved through Eileen’s well laid out and taught coaching program, I am able to  guide and support my mentees with these concrete tools. It is an amazing process to inner peace and awareness, which I personally continue to use, as life always offers lessons to practice to gain new insights to peace and freedom.  Niki Schmid

Sally Melville, R.N.
San Bruno, CA
Sally spent 30 years in hospital based nursing before becoming independent in my practice. Her skills now incorporate neuro-feedback therapy and forgiveness counseling.

The work I’m doing has been possible because of this in-depth training program with Eileen. Sally Melville, Registered Nurse

Rebecca Zacarias
Dallas, TX
Rebecca leads Creative Soul Care workshops which provide the opportunity for participants to explore their unique creativity for self-discovery, self-empowerment, healing, mindfulness and transformative integration.

The Forgiveness Coaching Program has provided an important dimension to my facilitation that honors and encourages the unique process of each individual. Rebecca Zacarias, Founder, Creative Soul Care

Additional Graduates:

Ayanna Epps, Ombudsperson, Washington, D.C.
Cherie Sinclair, Resolution Remedies, Sausalito, CA
Cheryl Sena, Attorney/Mediator, San Francisco, CA
Denise Dodson, Attorney/Mediator, Portland, OR
Hazel Stricker, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, San Diego, CA
Irene Grauten, Caregiver, Santa Rosa, CA
Kianna Zielesch, Ph.D., Therapist, Fort Bragg, CA
Lorna Kuyk, Pastor, New Mexico
Maire Farrington, Therapist, Oakland, CA
Nancy Rivera, Therapist, Huntington Beach, CA
Michelle Stevens, University Professor, Sacramento, CA

Peggy Donnell, Caregiver, San Rafael, CA
Rebecca Wong, Lab Technician, Boston, MA